ECU=Shop Octane Max 4+ Standalone ECU


ECU=Shop Octane Max 4+ is the latest standalone ECU to replace the popular Octane Max 4 with improved algorithm.



ECU=Shop Octane Max 4+ is the latest standalone ECU to replace the popular Octane Max 4 with improved algorithm.

Max 4+ supports 2 mapping formats, both standalone & piggyback for various occasion such as street or race track driving. It is an ultra-fine live tuning solution that enables high-performance output

? Awaken the little devil in your ride with one of South East Asia most popular performance ECU among Japanese makes.

? We have perfected many rides and recover the power that was hidden away from you by the manufacturers, to bring you another level of driving joy that ought to come with the price you originally paid for. As a result, we’ve earned the rights to distribute and to tune your beloved ride in Singapore.

? ECU=SHOP engine management system has earned its name across South East Asia as one of the street/racing ECU over the years as seen on many cars. It supports most Japan/Korea vehicles – 3,4 (5,6) Cylinders.


✅ Our tuning process picks out all the imperfection or hidden power to perfect them, such as

? Excess Unburnt O2 meant for creating a more explosive combustion

? Excess unburnt fuel weakens combustion and shortening spark plugs lifespan ⏱️ Ignition timing across RPMs, to further optimised for more accurate firing.

? Untapped power from installed modifications

✅ Road tune

✅ Dyno tune using top of the range dynamometer ? I WANT MORE THAN JUST POWER:

✅ Exhaust popping and crackle (for pride and joy, please do not disturb the peace)

✅ Unlocking RPM limit

✅ Negate laggy or tardy throttle response

✅ Unlocking speed limit

✅ Tuned Data Protection

Package Includes:

  • ECU=Shop Octane Max 4+ ECU
  • Wiring Harness
  • Installation and setting up of ECU=Shop Octane Max 4+ ECU
  • Road tuning
  • Dyno tuning (dyno usage fee included)
  • Exhaust pop & crackle (result is subjected to exhaust setup)


*Vehicles Supported

  • Chevrolet aveo, sonic
  • Honda Accord, S2k
  • Honda B, D, F, H series
  • Honda Civic FC, FD
  • Honda Jazz GD, GE, GK
  • Mazda 2, 3
  • Mitsubishi EVO X, Lancer EX
  • Suzuki Swift 1.2, 1.5, 1.6
  • Toyota Altis, Camry, Vellfire, Vios, Yaris, 


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