R’S Racing (RRP) Tuning for Suzuki Swift Sport – ZC31S


RRP tuning for ZC31S – Dyno tuned

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Project S is the only garage in Singapore with the R’s Racing (RRP) tuning software, designed to bring the best out of your Suzuki Swift Sport ZC31S model. We have a track record of tuning over 50 ZC31S in the past 10 years, including our FIA podium track cars. Our experience in preparing swift sports for FIA races and close connections with Japan performance parts maker such as Monster Sport, R’s Racing and Cusco enables us to push your M16A engine to the maximum while maintaining street drivability. On top of tuning, you too can speak to our consultants on FACEBOOK regarding modifications and how to set up your ZC31S!

R’s Racing (RRP) tuning of your Suzuki Swift Sport ZC31S will be done on the dyno instead of a road tune with the use of a Bosch LSU 4.9 lambda sensor for optimum accuracy and result. The tuning process will include getting your ride ready on the dynamometer, warming up to the right temperature, carefully pushed on the dyno at consistent water temperature to ensure results accuracy, estimated to take about 3-4 hours. You can look forward to being briefed on the car’s performance by the tuner before and after the tune, dyno charts record will be printed out and issued to at the end of the service.Throughout the process, the following corrections will be done to your ECU:

  • Customed fuel injections mapping
  • Customed ignition timing mapping
  • Customed VVT-i timing and response mapping
  • Advanced fan control trigger temperature to improve engine cooling
  • Lifting of rev-limiter

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