Dyno Rental – 1 hour (For tuners only)


For all your tuning needs

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WOT Performance uses Dynapack Dynamometer from the US, it is the top 3 choices of chassis dynamometer in the states and in Japan, it measures from the wheel hubs taking away zero wheel spin is their key advantage over roller dynos. Tuners can rely on accuracy & consistency of the dyno graphs to carry out their tuning work. Cars will be mounted and dismounted by our team and Bosch LSU 4.9 lambda sensor will be provided for tuners’ use.

Features and available graphs 

  • Axle Torque & Axle Power
  • Torque and Lambda Graphs (Air-Fuel-Ratio)
  • Acceleration (g’s)
  • Auto peak markers
  • Up to 12 lines in a graph
  • Records 6 runs in a graph, can be saved for further comparison

*Suitable for most 2WD and 4WD cars.


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