Supertune ROAD tune for Japanese & Korean makes (NA engines)

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Supertune Custom ECU Remap Road Tune



At Supertune, we provide full transparency with proven results on dyno and experience no disappointment as we do not use estimates or inflated figures.
?Ignition timing highly optimized all-round, making much more power than the results you can get from other ECU map loaders.
⛽️AFR tuned and checked with an independent O2 sensor mounted onto your tailpipe for the most accurate exhaust reading
?Not forgetting our highly customizable pop and crackle in shotgun, scattershot or other fun styles that you may be able to obtain with your exhaust system.
Achieve massive results with our customised tuning, are you #Supertuned yet?
*Results can be measured on Dynapack dynamometer using transmission correction factor (TCF)1.0. For dyno tune option, please go back to the menu and select the dyno tune service.

1 review for Supertune ROAD tune for Japanese & Korean makes (NA engines)

  1. Roy Koh

    Just done with tuning my Honda Jazz 1.5RS, and I can instantly feels the significant improvement in terms of responsiveness, power and elimination of sluggishness, unlike all the previous tuning I had with other tuners previously, I can b 100% sure that the current tune by Supertune is the most impactful ones, it makes my driving experience even more interesting and enjoyable than ever! The outcome after the tune is way beyond my expectation and changes my views of how a good tuning can results. Moreover, tuner is very delicate and meticulously explained every details for the changes he made for my ride. 10/10 I would strongly recommended Supertune Road tune!

    • denzelwoo

      Thank you for choosing W.O.T Performance in recommending what is best for your ride. Enjoy the drive.

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